Preventive competences of early education teachers

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Prevention - teacher competences are one of the basic elements that contribute to the quality of education of children and young people. To be a competent teacher means to be properly prepared to practice this profession, and in the case of prevention – to have specialist knowledge in the field of prevention and apply it to work at school. This publication was created for all people involved in preventive activities, both in the scientific and practical area. The author wanted to show what knowledge and skills prevention-teachers should have.

dr Sławomir Śliwa - assistant professor at the Academy of Management and Administration in Opole, Vice Dean of the Economics and Pedagogy Faculty in Opole, initiator of model exercise schools in the Opolskie Voivodeship (Opole Exercise School and Kluczbork Exercise School as part of the High quality education system action, competition POWR.02.10.00-IP.02-00-005 / 18, Ministry of National Education), consultant and trainer in the field of Attitudes of innovation, creativity and teamwork within the "Effective support is a higher quality of education" project (competition POWR.02.10.00-IP.02-00-007 / 17, Ministry of National Education). Coordinator of the ‘Learn and understand the world’ curriculum for early childhood education. Project financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, Human Capital Operational Programme, Action 3.3.4. Modernization of teaching content and methods - competition projects, Opole 2014, Ministry of National Education. Author of several monographs and several dozen scientific articles in the field of education and prevention.